• housing affordability

    Housing Affordability: Keeping families in the area

    One of the most common issues raised with me through my community surveys and at street meetings is concerns over cost of living rises – particularly for housing. Many local families are worried that their children simply won’t be able to afford to live in the area and may never be able to buy their own home.  As a mum, I completely understand this concern.  I want my kids to […]

  • Forget Georges River Council – We need a St George Council!

    I know there are residents who were both for and against the amalgamation of Hurstville and Kogarah Councils into the new Georges River Council. Myself, I think the whole exercise was a missed opportunity to form a true St George Council comprised of the former Rockdale, Hurstville and Kogarah Councils. The people living in the St George area share a common sense of identity – we support the St George […]

  • volunteer

    Volunteers: How to join the team

    Running for Council as an Independent has been a great experience – I get to say, think and do what I want! The downside is that unlike candidates from the major parties, I don’t have the same support – in terms of both manpower and financial support.  That’s why volunteers are the lifeblood of my campaign – I simply couldn’t do it without all the people who have already helped […]

  • Planning

    Kogarah LEP: The shape of our city

    One of the most important roles for a council is to develop and implement the rules for all development in any given area. This is achieved through planning rules known as Plans. The most important Plan a council prepares is the Local Environment Plan (LEP). The LEP’s primary purpose is to set the rules for land use – so which areas can be used for what purposes such as residential […]

  • shared space

    Creating a Win-Win: How shared spaces can benefit everyone

    Local residents are crying out for more community space.  One suggestion that is being investigated by the Greater Sydney Commission is to share local resources.   The aim of the proposal is to unlock underutilised assets for community use in places such as schools and churches.  For example, local schools have sporting grounds that are only used during the day, but are then locked off for use by the community after […]

  • housing choice

    “Whole of Life” Housing Options in Georges River Council

    It’s often said that once people move to Oatley, they never leave. I’ve found a similar sentiment across all the suburbs in the Blakehurst ward – that once you move into this area, you never leave. However, the concept of staying in the local area your whole life is becoming increasingly difficult. Young people are finding it almost impossible to stay in the area they’ve grown up in due to […]

  • backroom deal

    How to become Mayor: the art of the backroom deal

    How many voters get to elect the Mayor? A: 95,000 B: 15 If you said 95,000, you’re wrong! In Georges River Council (like Hurstville and Kogarah Councils before it), the Mayor is elected by the Council, not the people. That means that the vast majority of residents have absolutely no say in the direction and priorities that the Mayor sets. Instead, the Mayoralty is decided in backroom deals by the […]

  • renown football

    Playing Soccer in a Dust Bowl

    My kids are involved in local sports, so I get the opportunity to travel to different playing grounds in the St George area.  Generally speaking, when you compare local fields to neighbouring areas, ours don’t measure up, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re comparing grounds for soccer, rugby league, AFL or cricket.  You only need to take one look at the soccer fields at Renown or Poulton Park to see […]

  • independent

    Me, Myself & I: Why I’m Running as an Independent

    I’m often asked why I’m running as an Independent.  My answer is that I feel that I can do a better job as a Councillor if I’m truly independent, and not part of any political party.  I want the flexibility to make decisions in the best interests of our community, and not to push any political party’s agenda. I’m not interested in playing politics; I’m interested in supporting policies that benefit […]

  • school zone 40

    School Road Safety

    Local primary schools often struggle with road safety issues.  I’ve talked to a lot of parents, and they’ve all said that road safety around schools, and drop off zones in particular, is a nightmare. Mix in a lot of cars in a confined space and young children (who sometimes can be unpredictable), add in a dash of rain and a sprinkle of driver frustration and voila – you’ve literally got an accident waiting to happen.  That’s why I’m calling for a stronger partnership between local schools and Georges River Council.  

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