My Goals on Council

Parks and Sporting Facilities

  • Audit of all playing surfaces and park amenities blocks across the LGA
  • Better consistency of maintenance of playing surfaces across the LGA, particularly through winter
  • Prepare a “Surfaces Action Plan” with the aim of introducing artificial turf on selected fields. Local families and sports clubss shouldn’t have to go to neighbouring areas to train on artificial turf. It would also take some stress off of normal grass fields, as artificial turf can support more wear and tear than grass.
  • Continuation of Council’s program to upgrade ageing/outdated park amenities blocks.
  • Study into future uses of Council facilities and recreation/sporting needs. What facilities will our population need 20-30 years from now? Do we have enough basketball courts, soccer fields, pools and playgrounds, or do we need more? We need to make sure we’re catering for the communities’ leisure activities going into the future, as well as ensuring that we’re providing access for residents of all ages, from everyone from the Under 6 soccer teams to the elderly tai chi groups.
  • Redevelopment of Sans Souci pool and retention of Carss Park pool. The Georges River Council area doesn’t have a modern Olympic sized pool for local swim clubs and schools to use. Both Sans Souci and Carss Park are very outdated, particularly compared to the recent redevelopment of Bexley Pool.


  • Develop a housing strategy for the LGA – what kind of housing types do we want and where? Ie – The right development in the right spot
  • Development must align with infrastructure
  • Look at “whole of life” housing choice:
    • Need better housing choices for young people and families who have grown up in the St George region and want to stay close to family & social supports (ie schools, doctors, transport, etc)
    • need choices for older people who want to downsize, but still stay in the area or for residents who can’t live independently such as the elderly or disabled
  • Keep the Independent Hearing Assessment Panel (IHAP). It takes the politics – and potential for Councillors’ conflicts of interest – out of large developments, resulting in a better and fairer outcome. Ensure that residents have a strong voice by adding a second community representative to the panel.
  • Housing Affordability: developers make a lot of money off of developments, and it’s only fitting that they should share the wealth to support affordable rental accommodation to key workers such as nurses, teachers, and the police. Without it, these workers will be priced out of the area.


  • Comprehensive road safety program, with particular focus on safety around school zones and annual funding program
  • Work with State Government to build commuter carpark on Council land at Mortdale train station
  • Lobby the State Government to improve services on train line, particularly those stations that lost stops
  • Investigate Local Parking Plans: analyse and determine parking needs in Oatley, Mortdale, Penshurst, and South Hurstville Town Centres

Community Grants

  • Continue the annual community grants program, increase total funding allocation from $200,000 to $500,000

Council Reforms

  • Introduction of a Georges River Council Probity and Disputes Ombudsman to deter corruption
  • Investigate the amalgamation of a St George Council incorporating former councils of Hurstville, Kogarah, Rockdale as well as Botany
  • Continue the good governance reforms that have been introduced since the amalgamation. The new Council needs to continue to move forwards with transparent, honest, and accountable decision making processes.
  • Direct election of Mayor – eliminates confusion and uncertainty every 2 years. Voters are better placed to elect the Mayor.
  • 6 monthly residents meetings in each ward where the Council (Mayor, ward councillors & Executive) come to you, where residents can directly voice their concerns