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    Sans Souci Pool Redevelopment

    Residents and students in the Georges River Council need a modern, outdoor Olympic sized pool to train and play in.  I’ve been a swimmer my whole life, and it’s something I still enjoy doing.  I’ve swum in pools all over the world, and all over Sydney; it’s safe to say that some are much better than others.  As a local resident, I’ve been really disappointed in the quality of the pools in our area.  Compared to neighbouring centres like Sutherland and Bexley, the aquatic centres in our area fall well short. 

    I’ve trained for many years at Hurstville Aquatic Centre, but it only has an indoor 25m pool which can get quite hot.  Squad swimmers really need an outdoor 50m pool.  The only options we have locally if we want to swim outdoors in a 50m pool is Sans Souci or Carss Park – both of which are extremely outdated.  Both pools were built in the 1960s, and while they’re in great locations, they’ve been woefully neglected for far too long.

    I was at a swimming carnival recently at Sutherland Aquatic Centre, and it was such a pleasant surprise to have clean change rooms and showers that actually worked! Plus, the pool itself was amazing – Sutherland residents are spoiled for choice! The pool can accommodate Learn to Swim, squad swimmers and water polo training all at the same time.  St George residents shouldn’t have second rate facilities, and shouldn’t have to travel out of the area to pursue something they enjoy in a modern facility. 

    That’s why I’m calling for a redevelopment of Sans Souci Aquatic centre – new bathrooms/change areas, a new kids splash play area, the introduction of family rooms and disabled toilets, new outdoor showers and toilets, spectators’ seating, better shade, and a removable windbreak for use in the winter to stop the breeze coming off the water.

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  1. Emma doyle says: 6 June, 2017 at 4:38 pmReply

    I agree. The pool hasn’t changed since I was at sco and I left year 12 1987!!!!

  2. Sandy Grekas says: 7 June, 2017 at 8:55 amReply

    You don’t realise how run down it is until you go to another pool & see the modern facilities that they have. Sans Souci is in such a beautiful spot & could be a really great centre if some money was spent on upgrading it. Council needs to take back the contract, give it a major upgrade & make it into a centre that local residents enjoy using. You shouldn’t have to wait 20 minutes to take a shower because only 2 of 6 showers are working!