"Honesty, Integrity, Community - these are the values I will bring to Georges River Council"

I’m a sitting Independent Councillor with Georges River Council, and have thoroughly enjoyed the last 4 years.  It’s been a privilege to serve my community, and while there have definitely been challenges, it’s been a wonderful opportunity to meet and talk with so many residents in the Blakehurst Ward who are as passionate about living in this area as I am.

I’m running for re-election because the community needs a true Independent on Council – someone who represents the interest of residents, and not political parties.  Someone who will fearlessly stand up to corruption and vested interests.  Someone to keep the bastards honest.  From this term on Council, I have a proven track record of doing exactly that.

I have been a strong representative for the Blakehurst ward, serving with honesty, integrity and the independence to work with both sides of politics. I’m more interested in delivering good policies and outcomes for the community than in playing politics.

This election is crucial because it’s a battle for the soul of the Council, and we face an important decision about the future direction of our area.  We’ve seen our local area dragged through the mud due to the ICAC investigations into the actions of two sitting Councillors.  We simply can’t afford to elect any Councillors or candidates who have enabled and protected them.  

It’s imperative that candidates of integrity, honesty and good character are elected who will govern in the interests of local residents.  Local government issues impact us on a daily basis, so we need to elect good, honest people who truly listen and support policies in the interests of the local community.  We’ve seen what the alternative is, and we can’t afford to go back down that path.

About Sandy

I'm a local mum and teacher, and I'm running for Council because I want to be a strong, independent advocate for the community in which we live. I'm committed to an open and transparent Council, responsible development and improving local facilities like sports grounds, recreation centres, and playgrounds.

Election Day

Saturday 4th December

Thank you for voting

In Focus

Early Voting

EARLY VOTING: I’ve fielded a lot of questions about the various voting options for the upcoming Council Election.  You have several options to choose from:

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