Forget Georges River Council – We need a St George Council!

Forget Georges River Council – We need a St George Council!

I know there are residents who were both for and against the amalgamation of Hurstville and Kogarah Councils into the new Georges River Council. Myself, I think the whole exercise was a missed opportunity to form a true St George Council comprised of the former Rockdale, Hurstville and Kogarah Councils.

The people living in the St George area share a common sense of identity – we support the St George Dragons, we go to St George Hospital, and when people ask us where we live, most of us say “St George”. Splitting the area between Georges River and Bayside Councils was a mistake – they’re artificial terms which doesn’t signify the connection that most of us have to the local area. The eastern most boundary of Georges River Council is Rocky Point Road. So one side of the road is Georges River Council and the other side is Bayside Council. You can’t tell me that the person living on the eastern side of Rocky Point Road in Sans Souci has more of a connection to Botany and Rockdale than they do to their local community across the road!

The new Council boundaries don’t make any sense at all, and split communities. That’s why I believe we should investigate creating a true St George Council which takes in all of the area under the previous 3 Council areas. This area would be roughly the same as the Sutherland Shire or Waringah Council. A bigger Council area would have its benefits by having a bigger rate base, less duplication, more efficient delivery of services, and a broader network of community infrastructure such as libraries, community centres, leisure/aquatic centres, sports grounds and playgrounds.

St George residents deserve a true St George Council.

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