Me, Myself & I: Why I’m Running as an Independent

Me, Myself & I: Why I’m Running as an Independent


I’m often asked why I’m running as an Independent.  My answer is that I feel that I can do a better job as a Councillor if I’m truly independent, and not part of any political party.  I want the flexibility to make decisions in the best interests of our community, and not to push any political party’s agenda. I’m not interested in playing politics; I’m interested in supporting policies that benefit our community.

Through my work with the school P&C, I’ve come into contact with politicians from both parties and I admire their desire to improve the community.  If I am elected to Council, I want the freedom to work with good people who are motivated for the right reasons to achieve the best for our community, regardless of what political party they are from.

As an independent, I don’t have to worry about being constrained by a rigid party platform.  Councillors  should make the best decisions for local residents, instead of in the interests of party powerbrokers and their donors. That’s why I no longer have ties to any political party.

It’s true that I used to be an ALP Councillor on Hurstville Council, and that I’ve worked on the Labor side of politics before becoming a teacher.  But I’ve also worked for Lucy Turnbull when she was Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney.  She was an Independent at the time, but still very involved in the Liberal Party.  Lucy was an inspirational woman to work for, and I hope that I can bring the same passion, intelligence and sense of community-mindedness to Georges River Council.

With a new Council to be elected this September, we have the chance to change the way decisions are made. We need strong voices who will stand up for our community and put the interests of residents first. Only a truly independent voice can put an end to politics as usual.

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