Better Local Facilities

  • New dedicated BMX/Mountain Bike facility
  • Skate park at Olds Park 
  • Support new state of the art regional aquatic facility that meets the needs of our entire community, and identify sustainable funding sources so that current and future residents are not burdened with debt for an inappropriate facility
  • Remediation of former Carss Park Pool to public open space
  • Continued upgrades of local infrastructure such as parks, playgrounds, new footpaths and stormwater management
  • Regrade and returf league field at Renown Park, improve drainage for soccer mini field
  • Continue to lobby Department of Education to open up school facilities for shared used by local sports clubs and community groups
  • New playground, BMX & skate pump track, basketball court, community garden & amenities building at former Oatley Bowling Club to cater for the needs of local families
  • Construction of commuter carpark at Mortdale station
  • Build a network of cycleways that connect to existing cycleways in the area
  • Foreshore naturalisation and improved access to the foreshore
  • Increased level of street sweeping services and town centre cleaning
  • Increased amenity buildings such as picnic tables, BBQ & toilets at Moore Reserve
  • Continue to roll out CCTVs in crime hot spots

Improving Council’s Finances & Governance

  • A Council that serves all of our residents – not political interests
  • Lobby State Government to change legislation to force Councillors under investigation by ICAC to stand aside until cleared
  • Continue Community Ward Open Days where residents can meet face to face with Councillors and senior staff and have a say in Council decisions
  • Continue to make sure rates are spent effectively and in line with the priorities identified in the Community Strategic Plan
  • Ensure Council’s long-term financial sustainability by making prudent decisions and spending rates wisely

Environmental Sustainability

  • Fight bad developments and their impacts on our quality of life
  • Increased prosecution for unlawful tree removals
  • Build community EV charging stations
  • More solar panels at Council facilities
  • Increased Council-sponsored tree plantings to improve tree canopy
  • Ensure Council’s commitment to net zero emissions by 2025 is on track
  • Identify location for community battery site
  • Increase funding for Bushcare program and volunteers
  • Commitment to affordable housing

Community Events

  • Continue program of smaller local events that were developed in response to Covid such as food festivals, drive-in movies, and Eurovision
  • Support local artists with public art opportunities Expand Oatley Library to include a community meeting hub
  • Support for a district library at Mortdale
  • Continue to sponsor community-run events such as Oatley Village Festival
  • Activate town centres with local events with flow-on benefits for small business
  • Enhance Council’s aged, diversity and multicultural programs such as NAIDOC week, Seniors Week, Harmony Day, International Women’s Day, Pride Week and Refugee Week