Volunteers: How to join the team

Volunteers: How to join the team


Running for Council as an Independent has been a great experience – I get to say, think and do what I want! The downside is that unlike candidates from the major parties, I don’t have the same support – in terms of both manpower and financial support.  That’s why volunteers are the lifeblood of my campaign – I simply couldn’t do it without all the people who have already helped so much.

I’ve often been asked: “How can I help?”.  Well, here are a few things that would be really helpful:

  • Manning polling booths on Election Day – There are a lot of polling booths to cover, so any time you can give is greatly appreciated, even if it’s only an hour or two.  I’m looking for 3 people at each booth at all times, so you wouldn’t be on your own.
  • Pre-Poll – Same concept as volunteering on Election Day, but doing it at pre-poll in the 2 weeks leading up to the election.  Exact locations TBC.  This is idea for someone who is free during the day.
  • Letterboxing –  I don’t have the budget to use Australia Post to distribute my flyers.  Instead, I rely on people power! The Blakehurst ward has been broken up into map areas, and you would deliver flyers in that area only.  The areas aren’t big – it would take about an hour, and would only be approximately 2-4 times during the campaign
  • Attend a fundraiser – Come along to my trivia night! It will be held on Saturday, 12 August at South Hurstville RSL.  It promises to be a great night, and by attending you’re helping an Independent compete against the major parties who have plenty of money to spend on this election!
  • Putting a sign up – Want to show the world that you’re supporting an honest, local Independent? Why not put a poster in your front yard to help get the message out?!
  • Help me get the word out – By liking and sharing my posts, it spreads my ideas around the community.  If you see a post that you agree with, please share!

The major parties think a little Independent has no chance in this election.  But with your help, we can show them that the community is sick of business as usual, and wants a truly Independent voice on Georges River Council.

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